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Happy Holidays from WebKRAVE!

As we near the end of another amazing year, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for the time, energy, commitment, and trust you've shared with us while supporting your website through 2012. We're looking forward to working with you to build lasting success in 2013.

Holidays Hours.

As a reminder, our office will be closed from December 22 to January 3. Our Technical Support team will continue to be available to assist you throughout the Holidays should you need any technical assistance. For the best response time, we always encourage everyone to use our Support Ticketing System by emailing your questions to "requests @ webkrave dot com".

Introducing SalesBinder!

Over the past year we've put together an amazing new team and started another new service called SalesBinder. It's a better, easier way for managing your business. SalesBinder is a web-based management system that simplifies and organizes your inventory, customers, sales leads, estimates & invoices. Click here to check it out and get started in less than 30 seconds!

High-end Custom Website Development.

We also wanted to remind our clients that we offer high-end, custom website development solutions which we've branded as Reaktion Interactive ( If you're looking to take your existing website to the next level by adding customized functionality, e-commerce shopping carts, or anything else you can possibly imagine then we highly recommend contacting us in the New Year to see if we can help.

Happy Holidays! 
- The WebKRAVE Team


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Happy Holidays from WebKRAVE! Special Holiday hours and an update on What's New: #webkrave #holidays #SmallBusiness
2627 days ago

Google just launched an awesome tool called Reverse Image Search. Uses image recognition to find where else it's being used
2799 days ago

We're excited to announce a new service we just launched, called SalesBinder! More info here:
2897 days ago

Happy New Year! Wishing you all a prosperous 2011.
2972 days ago

Happy Holidays from WebKRAVE! Reminder of our limited holiday hours:
2983 days ago

Tip: Did you know you can update your website as often as you like if you're on our Silver or Gold monthly package?
3029 days ago

New WebKRAVE Radio Commercials airing soon! Have a listen before everyone else and let us know what you think.
3086 days ago

Twitter for iPad: Sharing content in Tweets via @twitter
3093 days ago

Google's iPhone App now supports Gmail & Google Apps native Push Notifications for email and calendar! #awesome
3103 days ago

WebKRAVE Announcement: New Monthly Package Options now available!
3106 days ago

Did you know you can view your Billing History, submit Support Tickets & view your Website Stats from our Control Panel?
3109 days ago

Anyone want an invite to the new We have 5 left. Send us your email address without the @ sign and we'll send you an invite! #digg
3109 days ago

Just received a copy of "Delivering Happiness" by Tony Hsieh, can't wait to read it. #zappos
3110 days ago

@pixelusdesign Haha nice work environment :)
3110 days ago

Drag and drop attachments received in Google Apps Email from Google Chrome to your desktop?
3122 days ago

Just a reminder that our office will be closed on Monday for BC Day. To all our local BC clients, enjoy the sunny long weekend!
3127 days ago

When did update their website design? Am I crazy or is it slowly morphing into our design?
3128 days ago

WebKRAVE FAQ: Why doesn't my website show up in Google? Check out our blog to find out:
3141 days ago